cats lick their owners

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Why Do Cats Lick Their Owners? - Yahoo!.
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14.05.2010 · Dogs are known to lick their owners on the face and hands. But if you are a cat owner, you might be concerned to discover that your cat has also started to

How do cats show love and affection to.

  • Why Do Cats Lick Themselves? - The Cat Source

24.04.2009 · Best Answer: He is either giving you an affectionate love bite or telling you that your ignoring him and he wants attention. When I rub faces with one of

cats lick their owners

Why do cats bite their owners? - Yahoo!.

Obsessive Grooming. From the pages of Cat.
11.03.2009 · Best Answer: Hi, I am a cat behaviorist just and education my answer below When she rubs her head or the side of her chin against you - or

cats lick their owners


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